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Codabar Barcode

Codabar is linear barcode font with 6 different characters, plus extra 4 start/stop characters for encoding along with optional checksum characters. Unique alphanumeric Codabar was developed by Pitney Bowes Corp, 1972. Codabar is also known by other name Codeabar, NW-7 (Japanese name), Monarch, Code 2 of 7, Ames Code, ANSI/AIM BC3-1995 orUSD-4 and Rationalized Codabar.

Character set

The character set of Codabar barcode symbology merged up with ten digits (0, 9), six alphanumeric characters ($, :, /, +), and lastly four alphabets ( a, b, c, and d) as start/stop character on the basis priority in encoding message.


The structure of codabar is designed in four sections in which four are bars with three spaces and within divide sections either two/ three characters (wide) and rest of them are defined with narrow.

Applications –Codabar

FedEx Airbills, Libraries, blood banks( U.S), and Photo Labs

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