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Batch Barcode Creator & Barcode Generator program generates bulk single and sequential list linear customized barcodes, print with pre defined labels-Apli, Avery
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Barcode Fonts

Barcode font

Barcode-Generator incorporates 26 linear barcode fonts and absolutely expert tool to generate multiple barcodes with all widely practiced barcode fonts like UPC, EAN, ISBN, Code 39, Code 128, Telepen, Postnet, Codabar, GS1, ISBN, MSI etc.

Customize Barcodes

Customize Barcodes

Proficiently generates multiple barcodes with default settings and also allow to customize barcodes through manually defining parameters. Easily customize barcodes by format Height-Width, Rotation, Spaces, Color of Bars, Font Style of Text, Background Color etc.


Barcode Application

Barcode-Generator generates easily printable and scannable high resolution barcodes for miscellaneous commercial and non-commercial industries such as Retail, Warehouse, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Postal Services, Stationary, HealthCare etc.


Barcode Generator - User-Friendly Technique for Barcode Creation

Barcode-Generator is most comprehensive and intelligible tool to generate several distinct barcodes with use of all linear barcode fonts for various industries. Application offers inexpensive and effortless way to create easily printable and scannable barcodes. Barcode Generator is Windows compatible standalone software and facilitates to create customized barcodes by two major steps along with required formatting through intuitive interface. Barcode Generator tool acquires commonly usable 26 barcode fonts including UPC, EAN, Code 39, Codabar, ISBN, Postnet, Telepen, Industrial 2 of 5, GS1 and many more to select for creating multiple optimized barcodes.

Software is extremely competent to generate list of barcodes with single or sequential values and allow for integrating additional information such as Item Name, Code etc by using Text Above/Below. Barcode Generator Software incorporates preview panel to create barcodes with apposite arrangements of bars, spaces, margins, fonts, text style, height-width, colors and many other settings. Program is less time consuming solution and provides functionality to import and export data for barcodes through text or excel format documents. Barcode Generator application creates easily printable barcodes with user defined or distinguished pre defined labels like Apli, Avery, Aone, Herma and lots of others via any ordinary or barcode printer. Barcode Generator creates multifarious barcodes for specific layouts assets, tags, ribbons, coupons, bands, stickers for multitudinous sectors including Manufacturing, Distribution, Packaging, Transportation, Warehouse, Retail, HealthCare, Pharmaceuticals, Automobiles, Airlines, Telecommunications and number of others.

Barcode Generator Utility proffers features to save barcodes in distinctive image formats i.e. jpg, bmp, gif, tiff etc and efficiently copy barcodes for implementing in Windows applications viz. Word, Paint, Excel, Photoshop and so on.


Import-Export Barcodes

Import-Export Barcodes

Barcode Generator is expedient, advanced tool to generate number of single and sequential list of barcodes in few simple steps by import and export data of barcodes through easily accessible.

Text and Excel documents. Software integrates functionality to import as well as export data of datasheet values via .txt and .xls files for creating professional barcodes.

Print Barcodes

Print Barcodes

Software is highly versatile to create optimized barcodes and print with required printing alignments including Auto, Manual and Pre defined Label Stocks. Barcode Generator is efficient to design

Customized barcodes for print with predefined label stocks such as Avery, Ace, Aone, Apli, Herma and others along with specific numbers by using normal or barcode printer.

Save Barcodes

Save Barcode images

Barcode Generator incorporates functionality to save generated barcodes in image formats. Tool provides simplest way to save created barcodes precisely in all renowned image formats viz.

JPG/JPEG, TIF/TIFF, BMP, PNG, GIF, EMF, EXIF, WMF, Icon and Memory Bitmap. Application allows to save barcodes as images with user defined DPI to make more appropriate for reuse.

Copy To Clipboard

Copy To Windows application

Barcode Generator Program is competent and handy utility to use various distinct professional barcodes in multiple Windows applications including Ms Word, Excel, Adobe Photoshop.

Coreldraw etc. Software facilitates to copy barcodes as images with specific image DPI and also proffers option to clipboard image type either Resolution Independent Meta File or Bitmap.

Supported Barcode Font

Codabar Code 39 Extended Code 93 Planet
Code 11 EAN.UCC 128 EAN 13 Postnet
Code 128 Code 93 Extended EAN 8 Telepen
Code 39 Industrial 2 of 5 ISBN 10 UPC A
GS1 128 Intelligent Mail ISBN 13 UPC E
MSI Plessey Interleaved 2 of 5 MAT 25 ITF 14
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Thanks to Barcode Generator!! I have searched lots of software but they are not perfect for my business, I searched a lot and finally got best quality software with amazing features and makes my job easier to track all goods.
John Vergara

This software is fabulous for me. I download and installed many software and not getting exact solution after that use Barcode Generator. Now Iā€™m so glad to have found a program which really makes my job so simple.
Daine abignale

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